Sky High Farm Workwear True Love T-Shirt (Black)

Like any romantic worth their salt we're tempted to say true love runs hot enough to burn you to a crisp. But time has taught us that, sigh, in fact, true love should feel more like a balanced and reciprocal dance between two parties who give and take, apologize gracefully, take accountability, and sacrifice unflinchingly. Isn't desire usually just the mirage of the inaccessible? Isn't it?

These two iconic lovers, designed by Max Louis Creative, teach us exactly that. The "True Love" mini-series within the SS22 Collection is here to remind you how to love someone to life, not to death.

100% Organic Cotton
Made in: Turkey

SHFWW is built to uplift and raise funds for Sky High Farm, the nonprofit that inspired it: the farm donates all of its food to New Yorkers in need, and the brand donates its profits to the farm. This way, the farm gets the funds to do its work, and customers get the gear to do theirs. In the end, every customer becomes a donor.