Sky High Farm Workwear Recycled Cotton Chunk Beanie (Brown)

Does the world need another beanie? A legit question, and one we had in mind when we tried to design an ideal version. This knit is just thick enough to do it's job and fits on the dome nice and snug. You get one of Joana Avillez's little moon boos looking after you, too.

The world may not need it, but we think a lot of you will be a bit happier because it exists.

100% Recycled Cotton
Made in: Italy

SHFWW is built to uplift and raise funds for Sky High Farm, the nonprofit that inspired it: the farm donates all of its food to New Yorkers in need, and the brand donates its profits to the farm. This way, the farm gets the funds to do its work, and customers get the gear to do theirs. In the end, every customer becomes a donor.