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Private Label Customised Rolex DateJust

This item is on final sale. It cannot be returned or exchanged.

Private Label London - Dubai is made up of a team of industry professionals with many years of experience in sourcing and creating the most rare and unique watches and jewelry. With collections such as Sorbet and Reflekt their designs are imaginative and striking.

This custom Datejust Rolex has a steel DLC (diamond like carbon coating), custom black urdu dial, and a smooth steel bezel. 

Jubilee bracelet, 41mm, unisex.

Private Label Dubai Ltd is an independent limited company. They are not in any way affiliated to the original watch brands who’s products we customize and offer for sale. All custom watch warranties are the sole responsibility of Private Label Dubai Ltd. The original manufacturer is under no obligation to repair or refund any products customized by our service.

Available for Pre-order only, 4-6 weeks lead time