13 Lucky Monkey Huginn Muninn Bracelet

Hailing from the Philippines, 13 Lucky Monkey handcraft all their pieces in 925 sterling silver sourced from Baguio, a mountain city in the Philippines renowned for its silver mines and master silversmiths.

Exclusive to DSM this collection of jewelry is inspired by ravens and crows. Long believed to be symbols of good luck and life and on the opposite spectrum death and Bad luck. Tales have been spun about them Indian folktales of the crow stealing the sun, the pitcher and the crow and much more. Both artists have in fact been inspired by these birds to name their respective sons Crow and Raven. 

All pieces are made from 925 sterling silver and finished with a black oxidization.

If you do not see your size or the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact the DSM Jewelry team who will be able to assist with a special order.