Cam Hicks For The Porch (Paradigm Publishing)

Cam Hicks’ debut photo memoir, For the Porch is a vibrant reflection of the photographer’s first four years immersed in the underground scene of New York City. Featuring 240 pages, over 400 photos and visuals, and 100 editions signed by the artist himself at Dover Street Market New York, this stunning work of visual storytelling opens a portal into the life of an underground artist navigating his way through a vast, eclectic, and often exploitative culture. For the Porch is a representation of the kind of talent and breed that can’t be bought nor replicated: born in the age of social media, wholly immersed in Black culture, and molded to become the bridge between worlds.

8.5” x 11.5” / 240 pages / one 8pp gatefold / 2x4pp translucent paper
Hardcover / 4 color offset printing / tip-in back cover image