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NVW Women's When Only The Moon Rages Earrings Platinum

This item is on final sale. It cannot be returned or exchanged.

In Greek myth, Apollo sent the white raven to spy on his princess lover Coronis and in
Native American lore, the white raven brought all life to Earth. Here, the artist depicts the mythical white raven in antler, where only the purest part of this organic material has been selected to bring forth this most beguiling of birds. The white raven is set in contrast to polished black Whitby jet tablets, their fluid and symmetrical poses suspended from white brilliant-cut diamond studs.

Ravens – Hand Carved Antler
Hand Carved and Polished Whitby Jet 
Brilliant-cut Diamonds weighing 0.84ct total
Handmade Platinum Chains

Length: 64mm                                                                
Width: 20mm