Elie Top Akoya Pearl Sphere Ring

Paris-based designer Elie Top takes his experience as Saint Laurent's jewelry designer to create a line with the look of whimsical, aristocratic nonchalance. 
He says; "Jewelry is a vehicle for transmission. It is passed down through generations, sometimes over centuries, and it speaks of its time, of loved ones, glorious ancestors, and happy memories… It may be an object of value, but above all it is an object of sentiment. From one era to another, it metamorphosizes according to the influence of trends and circumstances."

Sphere Ring in Yellow Gold and Distressed Silver. Pivoting sphere revealing an Akoya Pearl studded with a Diamond, surrounded by a White Gold ring set with a Diamond.

If you do not see your size or the product is out of stock please do not hesitate to contact the DSM Jewelry team who will be able to assist with a special order.

18K Yellow Gold, 0.2Ct diamonds
Made in France